The Patient Panel, or Patient Representative Group (PRG), was set up in 2005 to understand the views of patients on the services offered by the Practice. The group has a remit to review everything from access to the Practice, the services provided and commissioning for local health needs, to the effects of the changes in the NHS on the Practice.

The panel is an open membership group which encourages involvement and attendance from all areas of the practice community.

If you would like to provide feedback to the Patient Panel please add your comments to the suggestions box in Reception, online via our  online contact form or the Practice Manager on 0121 430 5150 during the Practice opening times.

The Panel Members

Irene Gumbley

William Gumbley

Frederick Sibley

Marilyn Perks

Brian Pickering

Patricia Black

Audrey Shenton

Patient Panel Progress Reports

An annual report will be produced every March detailing the issues raised by the patient panel, discussions with the practice, the actions taken and outcomes achieved by the practice. This report also includes details of the practice’s patient survey and other suggestions made by patients to the panel throughout the year.

Patient Panel Progress Report 2015

Patient Panel Progress Report 2014

Patient Panel Progress Report 2013

Patient Panel Progress Report 2012