The doctors and nurses at the practice may provide you with medication in order to treat a condition you have or try to prevent your health from deteriorating. All medication will be prescribed by either issuing an acute prescription or a repeat prescription.

Acute Prescriptions

Patients may be issued an acute prescription if the drug is being started and needs careful monitoring at first, and/or it will only be used on a short term basis or the medication is deemed to be a controlled drug. In order to obtain another acute prescription you will need to book an appointment (either face to face or a telephone consultation depending on the medication) with a doctor or nurse.

Repeat Prescription

The clinicians will start repeat prescriptions when they feel you require the medication for the long term and you do not require a review each time the medication will become due.

If you are on repeat medication via repeat prescriptions then the practice will require the you to book an appointment on a periodic basis, usually between 6-12 months, to perform a medication review. The review date will appear on your repeat prescription. You can book an appointment with the doctor or nurse for your medication review up to six weeks before the review date. If you are already coming to see a doctor or nurse around the time of the review due date, the clinician can do the medication review at the same time. Just advise them that the medication review is due during the consultation. Coupling medication reviews with other consultations at the practice could save you a trip to the surgery.

To order your repeat prescription, pleaseĀ click here.

If you have any further questions about your medication please do not hesitate to contact the practice.